Machine Learning

Your data is one of the most valuable assets that you have

Smarter Data is Smarter Business

Finding the Value in Your Data

How many dimensions can you visualize?

When you gather data from your business, you may have 20 or 100 or 1,000 different things that you've captured. Those things are dimensions in your data, and yet humans can only visualize 3 of them at once. There may be a lot more value lurking there than you realize.

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Do I Have to Build a Hadoop Cluster?

Getting started is easier than you might think

Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google all offer cloud-based machine learning. You don't need to invest time and money in building a new Hadoop cluster to begin using machine learning in your business. Start small and scale easily.

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Cisco was looking for a partner who could work with a key customer to get the most out of CMX for a complex application. Searchlight Group has created innovative technologies such as machine learning that they combined with CMX data to solve the customer's problems. Thanks Searchlight!

Darryl Sladden, Senior TME Manager, Wireless and Location, Cisco Systems