Some Samples of What We Do

Let's take a look at some of the range of different kinds of things that we can do for you.

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Content Mananagement (CMS) Samples

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How Your Website Can Learn From Your Customers and Adapt

Implicit Personalization in Sitecore

A one-size-fits-all website used to be enough, but not anymore. Different customers want different things, and your website needs to learn from what your customers tell you, and give them what they want.

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Your Website Could Target Customers Based On Their Location

Website Geo-Personalization in Sitecore

There are lots of different things that you might know about your customer, and one of them is their location. For example, learn how a travel company can understand the kinds of travel that a particular customer may be interested in, based on the customer's location, and use that information to highlight those kinds of travel. It's a very old and very basic way of doing business. Understand what your customer needs, and offer it to them.

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Managing Websites With Multiple Languages in Sitecore

You need to speak the language of the customer

Business is global, and to reach your customer your website needs to speak their language. But managing your website in multiple languages can be a challenge. Learn how Searchlight Group helped Boingo Wireless support 12 languages.

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Editing Your Website in Sitecore

Let's look at the basics

The most basic function of a CMS is editing web pages. It's also the one that is the most used on a daily basis. Let's take a look at how you can edit pages in Sitecore. For this example we'll be using a website that we designed for Boingo Wireless, which uses Sitecore 7.2 MVC and runs on the Amazon cloud.

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Big Data Samples

We also do some cloud-based big data.

Ad Hoc Big Data on the Amazon AWS Cloud

Using DynamoDB, Hadoop, EMR, Hive, and Impala to Run Ad Hoc Data Analysis

Ad hoc big data is useful for situations where you aren't setting up a recurring or ongoing batch environment, but just want to explore a particular question or direction once, or perhaps a few times. This can also be really useful to help in the initial stages of trying to get an overall picture of the data.

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Web Development Samples

Not everything that we do involves a CMS. These are samples of some of the other kinds of things that we do.

The SAP Library

Faceted search and Google Search Appliance

The SAP Library implements a metadata and full-text search tool over a large set of documents. Metadata is used in a faceted or tag-based search, which is a technique used by many retailers to help customers find products based on the category, price, or features of the product by filtering for only those products that match. This is integrated with a full-text search using a Google Search Appliance, to give users the ability to focus their searches even further.

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SAP Sales Central News Tool

Role-based distributed e-newsletter management

The SAP Sales Central News Tool enables marketers and internal groups within the company to author, manage, and broadcast e-newsletters for both internal and external audiences. It uses role-based workflow to pull in content from multiple groups within the organization, organize and lay out the articles within a newsletter, go through an approval cycle, and broadcast.

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SAP Who's Who

Employee search and browse from PeopleSoft data, with a bit of social

The SAP Who's Who is an internal application that allows SAP employees to browse and search within the organization in order to connect with other employees, using data pulled from a PeopleSoft database. It adds a little bit of social networking by allowing users to create and maintain their personal profile.

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Desktop Widget and Google Search Appliance

The SAP MILO Lens implements a full-text search tool over data from four different applications using a Google Search Appliance, as well as incorporating updates from an RSS feed. Users can search across everything or limit their search to a particular collection. Since this is a desktop widget it's designed to be always available.

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Writing Samples

Ready for Business: Oracle GlassFish Server

GlassFish Server Open Source Edition, with its compelling advantages, has quickly become the open source platform of choice for businesses of all types and sizes. It supports and embodies the core themes of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition - flexibility, extensibility, and developer ease of use.

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Automated Parking Meters

Parking availability and meter management presents unique challenges for municipalities and impacts aspects of day-to-day life for citizens and visitors including traffi c congestion, pollution, merchant prosperity, building construction, and tourism. A Wi-Fi enabled parking management system provides centralized monitoring and control, growing revenue for the city and increasing its attraction for visitors.

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ProSafe™ 24, 24 SFP, and 48 Port Gigabit L3 Managed Stackable Switches

NETGEAR's low-cost, stackable, Gigabit Ethernet switches deliver maximum throughput and flexibility where you need it — to high-speed, high-density workgroups at the edge of the network, in the backbone of growing networks or for bandwidth thirsty file and application servers. The ProSafe GSM7328S and GSM7352S fully managed switches deliver 24 and 48 ports of auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps interfaces for high-density copper connectivity. Four (GSM7328S) or eight (GSM7352S) hot-swappable Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) gigabit interfaces provide optional fiber connectivity for longer reach Gigabit Ethernet requirements.

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Introduction to Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) provides new capabilities that make it easier to develop and deploy enterprise and Web applications. It provides a simplified developer experience; embraces innovative open source frameworks; offers a comprehensive Web profile for lightweight, standards-based Web applications; and begins the formal process of pruning outdated and unused technology from the platform.

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Maxtor Fusion User's Guide

Maxtor Fusion™ lets you simply organize and personalize all your digital photos, videos, music and documents and selectively share your experiences with family, friends and colleagues either privately or publicly in a secure environment. While providing one central safe location for all your digital content, Maxtor Fusion's simple, web-based interface makes blending and assembling all types of files easy, provides versatility with support for all operating systems, and enables quick remote access to all your content from anywhere, anytime. The gigabit Ethernet connection to your network router enables fast access and two USB ports are provided for easy storage expansion with additional hard drives.

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Networking the smart grid

The power grid is aging and congested and faces new challenges and stresses that put at risk its ability to reliably deliver power to an economy that is increasingly dependent on electricity. A growing recognition of the need to modernize the grid to meet tomorrow's challenges has found articulation in the vision of a smart grid. The essence of this vision is "a fully-automated power delivery network that can ensure a two-way flow of electricity and information between the power plants and appliances and all points in between". The three key technological components of the smart grid are distributed intelligence, broadband communications and automated control systems.

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OKC: It's all in the air
Tropos WiFi system for public safety communications in Oklahoma City

The Tropos wireless broadband network in Oklahoma City was designed as an extension of the City's IT infrastructure with the initial goal of using it to improve the City's public safety information system, enable new applications, reduce costs, and improve services to the community. Today it is used by mobile workers including police, fire, building inspectors, and public works personnel. Additional City services and high-value applications are gradually being added. The network covers 555 square miles of the City.

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Redwood City, California - Making it easier to find parking

Just a few miles down the peninsula from San Francisco, the community of Redwood City features sidewalk cafes, libraries, parks, a deep-water port and diverse neighborhoods. The city serves as home to 75,000 residents, and is the San Mateo County seat. The thriving downtown area hosts government buildings, a regional hospital, and a newly redeveloped retail district. Broadway anchors one end of downtown – the shops and restaurants draw in business from local neighborhoods and surrounding communities.

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Oracle Solaris and Sun SPARC Systems—Integrated and Optimized for Enterprise Computing

This paper will provide technical information on how Oracle Solaris and the SPARC processor have been highly optimized for each other, improving throughput, security, and resiliency throughout the application solution stack, driving maximum ROI and minimum TCO. It includes brief technical descriptions of how specific Oracle Solaris features and capabilities are implemented in a system-wide approach to optimize the specific functionality of the SPARC processor family in the areas of scalable performance, advanced reliability, security, and cost-effective virtualization—and enhance your Oracle solution set.

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Solaris™ ZFS™ Enables Hybrid Storage Pools - Shatters Economic and Performance Barriers

Modern servers are a powerhouse of processing. Intel's latest technology innovations, including 6-core Intel® Xeon® 7400-series (formerly code-named Dunnington) processors only highlight a significant gap in the IT ecosystem: multi-socket, multi-core servers have far outpaced the performance limitations of traditional disk drives. The result is expensive and complex architectures—which use massive amounts of expensive DRAM and/or disk drives—designed to maximize CPU utilization. The result is an IT infrastructure that is costly to buy and operate.

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Trade Promotion Management
Improving the Effectiveness of Trade Spending

Trade promotions represent a significant part of the cost of consumer packaged goods (CPG), and an important part of a go-to-market strategy. Yet, there is little visibility into where this spending actually goes, or how effectively it increases revenues, expands market share, or creates brand awareness among consumers.

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